What’s in your bag??

Handbag organisation is something I have struggled with in the past. As an organised person I liked to fill my handbag with enough items to fit every scenario that could possibly eventuate filling my bag so full with mystery items that I couldn’t find what I needed or it became so heavy that I struggled to even lift it on my shoulder. As the years have gone by I have come to realise that a simple trip to the shopping centre does not require emergency food rations, first aid kit and an umbrella, so I have narrowed it down to these essentials:


IMG_5636I just have an ordinary everyday wallet. I tend to only carry around a limited amount of cash and keep only the essential cards inside, such as driver’s licence, bank card, health insurance card etc.

2. Membership Card Case


It seems every shop you visit now has a membership rewards program requiring you to take a card and cram it into the limited amount of space in your wallet. To stop this I purchased a business card holder and placed all my non-essential cards in there. It makes it easier to search for the right card and in most cases the shop assistant can scan through the clear sleeve without requiring you to take the card out of the case at all!

3. Sunglasses

IMG_5642Very useful for when driving. I try to keep in the habit of keeping them in their case to prevent damage, but that is still a work in progress.

4. Keys

IMG_5641I don’t keep my house or car keys on a hook or in a bowl as I am most likely to forget them. Instead I throw them straight into the purse that I just used as soon as I walk in the door to ensure that I don’t waste precious minutes searching for them when I next have to go out.

5. Lanyard

IMG_5643A lanyard??? I am a relief teacher and I like to use my own whistle so I keep it in my handbag so I don’t forget.

6. Travel pack of ‘Envrio Cloths’

IMG_5644I am a huge ‘Norwex’ fan and love the travel pack of enviro cloths as I just add a bit of water and I can quickly sterilise a café table or wet it to wipe and clean my hands. I had a lot of people comment on various social media inquiring about the cloths so I will place a link below of a youtube clip where enviro cloths are described in more detail.

(Enviro Cloth Link)

7. Paper and Pen

IMG_5646Very handy when out and about. There is always something I need to remember and jot down.

8. Tissues

IMG_5645I always buy a travel size to fit more conveniently.

I hope that this list provides you with some inspiration. Remember that when you pack your handbag don’t forget about the weight you a placing in there as too much can cause more harm than good. Bye for now!

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