Baking Organisation

In this video I share how I organised my baking items in the kitchen.

Organising your Chest of Drawers

Today I’m showing you how I organise and fold the clothes in my chest of drawers keeping everything ‘Clean and Organised’.

Keeping the Tools Organised

Today we’re talking about the tool chest and how I utilise this space effectively in a small double bay garage. So here we have it, our Stanley tool chest. We purchased it at Supercheap Auto and love that it comes with adjustable shelving heights and the ability to change door container heights as well.


When it came to organising the space I had to keep in mind that this was primarily my husband’s zone and the way he likes his spaces organised is a lot different to how I like my spaces organised. I had some ground rules that I had to follow:

-Everything must be clearly visible

-No fancy labelling

– Everything must functionally make sense (ie. Don’t go overboard on making it visually appealing).

With this in mind we came up with the current layout. On the top shelf we keep his tools that are not accessed frequently such as saws and vices. They are sitting visibly on the shelf making the items easy to locate.


Below I used blue stackable containers to hold loose items such as chisels and measuring equipment and small red ones for screws and the like. I was able to find a draw system to place all his different grades of sandpaper. This makes things functional when time to use as all the different grades are pre-sorted and the drawers have a press down button lock so they don’t slide open accidently when moving the container.


On the third shelf sits the most used item in our house which is the tool bag. In it we keep everything we need to complete odd jobs around the house such as hammers, measuring tape, screwdrivers, spanners etc. Beside sits our painting equipment such as our primer, undercoats or varnish. I found an empty food can and recycled it to store our paintbrushes when not in use.

The heaviest equipment sits on the bottom shelf and they are all my husband’s power tools. They sit neatly on the bottom shelf easy to find and ready to go when needed.

How do you store the tools around the house? Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to like our Facebook page or watch my Video Tour of How to Organise the Tool Chest.


How to Organise the Tool Chest

Today I’m showing you how I organiseour tool chest and maximise the limited space we have available.

How to keep your Garage Shelving organised.

Garages. Those small crowded spaces which are so hard to organise. For many months we were struggling to find items and ended up throwing things onto already cramped shelving hoping we could locate them next time. Enough was enough, so here we are…


To fix this problem I purchased two garage shelving units which you can get from most hardware stores. What we did, was paint the shelves with a coat of undercoat to prevent them from getting water damaged from any leaks or not so sealed points in the garage. This was a very simple process and will extend the life of our shelves.

IMG_5167On the top shelf I keep my tarp and rope so whether it’s cyclone season or hauling something in the car we are able to locate and put it to use easily. On the second shelf I repurposed containers from the reject shop that I had during my full time teaching days. In them I placed my electrical boards, packing tape and hose tap accessories. As these were some of my most frequently used items I placed them at eye height and on the shelf closest to the door. On the lowest shelf sits our leftover softdrink and a boules set. Each of the shelving units are labelled with yellow label tape as it allows the shelves to stand out in a dark space.

IMG_5168On the side of the shelving unit I came up with a clever way to store our electrical cords. I found a command hook that I can lift in or out. No more fallen power cords for me!


On the second unit sits most of our gardening accessories. Again I repurposed containers keeping things contained but also making the shelves look bright and colourful. In the first container I keep garden sprays such as weed killer. In the second are gardening tools to help keep my garden accessories contained. Finally the last container stores our garden gloves. I love that no longer do I have to search everywhere for a matching pair.

ThumbnailOn the next shelf down is equipment for the mower such as our diesel and petrol jerry cans as well as 4 and 2 stroke oil. Below we store our car washing equipment ready for use.

IMG_5173Do you have any thoughts, questions or comments? Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Until next time!


How to Organise your Garage

Today I’m sharing with you how to organise your Garage with some space saving shelving ideas to help maximise the space of your Garage.

Organising your Cosmetics

Today we are talking makeup organisation. If you saw my post last week on my bathroom cabinets you would notice that I don’t have a lot of room under the sink or in my drawers. To counter act this problem we purchased a small chrome trolley on wheels which we placed beside the sink allowing us to access our most used items frequently. For me this is my skin care, makeup/cosmetics and cotton balls etc. I love how it turned out!

IMG_8439On the top shelf to contain the items I purchased two small containers from Kmart and placed them side by side. In my container I keep my skin care items as well as my foundation. My husband keeps his shaving creams and deodorant. All the items on this top shelf are accessed daily and therefore in prime real estate space.

IMG_8466On the shelf below is my makeup. Rather than have these in a container that I have to sift through to find the item required, I placed these in clear containers purchased from Kmart. Being on a gradient I am able to locate my cosmetics quickly and easily in the morning saving me time and stress. Beside sits another clear container also purchased from Kmart which holds my mascara, eye liners and concealer.

IMG_8469Below are my three favourite containers. To jazz these up I purchased some pink wrapping paper and blue tac’d them to the bottom of the containers allowing a pop of colour to shine through. They always look so pretty against the white bathroom items of cotton balls, makeup pads and cotton buds. It was also extremely inexpensive to do!

IMG_8470Last but not least the bottom shelf contains out first aid kit. This is a place that is able to be accessed in a hurry and can be easily found by all due to the discerning label on the side. For information on what I keep inside my first aid kit see my video tour HERE.

IMG_8471How do you store your makeup/cosmetics? Is it on a stand like this or a medicine cabinet? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Linen Closet

Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised. Today we head to the laundry where we are going to check out my linen closet. This has been one of my favourite parts of the house to organise and it always brings me so much pleasure to see a neatly folded towel sitting beautifully on the shelf.



When you open my cupboard the first thing you will notice at eye level are the towels. I make a point to rotate the towels weekly left to right to ensure that they all receive equal amounts of wear and tear. I have a specific way of folding my towels to ensure that they have a nice neat folded side displayed. There was a time when I kept my handtowels and face washers stacked on top of each other. This became a pain to me as I was always finding piles tipped over or not stacking correctly. To counter act this problem, I purchased under shelf hanging baskets from Kmart to place them in. I have four in total (2 for hand towels and two for face washers) and these have become a brilliant solution to storing these items.



On the shelf below sits our bedroom linen. I have Queen Sheets for our master bed, with three in total. This means that one is in use while the other two sit on the shelf. I also have a specific way of folding these to ensure that the pillow cases, fitted sheet and top sheet are all combined in one wrap making them easier to contain and a neater fold. To save space I purchased a small shelf rack from Kmart which I have labelled with what type of sheets they are to help make them visitor and husband proof. We rotate these weekly with the set sitting on top of the rack the next to go on the bed. Sitting to the right of this is a Double Sheet set which has the same principles applied.



I love baskets as a way of setting limits and containing items. You can see in my linen press I have used baskets to hold a number of my linen needs all with labels to help me identify the contents quickly and easily. I have a basket which hold my bathmats, tablecloths, napkins & placemats and Christmas linen. All are used effectively and without difficulty.


On the bottom shelf I store gift bags and boxes as well as storing my laundry baskets on the right.


The top shelf holds a basket with extra quilt sheets, two old towels for spills or cleaning needs and emergency candles.



I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s post and that it inspires you to become ever more Clean and Organised.



Into the Lounge…

Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised where today I take you through my lounge room. In our home this is a place where we can retreat, relax and unwind.IMG_0964

As you can see we don’t have an overly large space. On the back wall contains our borrowed 3 seater couch which is really comfy. Once a month I make it my habit to wash all the cushions and give the whole couch a really good vacuum, to give an item that is used every day a refresher.







We only recently bought the TV cabinet, coffee table and sofa table. We were able to purchase them in a set along with some other items of furniture around the house. In our coffee table you can see that we store some of our DVD’s. On the left side I keep our TV series which is what we grab the most and on the right some of my husband and I ‘dual’ likes.


Under the TV cabinet, I store the DVD’s specific to me in baskets, keeping it neat and organised when I wish to find a movie. My poor husband only has a couple of movies that is specific to his tastes so we keep them in a drawer on the right.












Our sofa table has been a wonderful addition into our home and has become storage space for a lot of different useful items. On the bottom open shelf I placed baskets to contain my knitting projects as well as blankets for the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment. In the drawers above you can find our batteries, 3M hooks and different apron sets (I love collecting cute aprons) which I rotate.


Down in the corner beside the sofa sits a magazine holder which I got from the Reject shop. I put here my Better Homes and Gardens magazines as well as organising books which I love for a quick read. It’s lovely to sit in the rocking chair and have a precious ½ hour of free time!











Stay tuned for the next Clean and Organised room…

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