Ten Top Tips

In this video I share ten top tips with you for organising your home. Enjoy!

What should I do with my Mail???

Today it’s all about my mailing centre. This has been a brilliant addition to the smooth running of our household and great compliment to our filing system which I showed you last week. Here it is!


I love how it sits on my desk unobtrusively and ties in with my décor by placing in the orange tabs. I purchased the on desk organiser from office works and changed over the hanging files from the multi-coloured pack to plain black ones. This was purely a cosmetic move to make everything feel uniform and help the tabs stand out more easily.

IMG_4574When deciding on which categories I would need I had to keep in mind was that my goal was to empty the entire centre weekly on a Sunday afternoon. I decided on a maximum of 5 tabs and try to keep the categories as broad as possible to create flexibility when filing the paperwork. I decided to pick: Receipts, File, Scan, Shred and Action.


Here I place in my weekly purchase receipts whether it be a grocery bill or a new pair of shoes. At the end of the week I determine if it is necessary to keep long term for warranty purposes or to dispose of on Sunday.


Here I try to store documents I generally know are going to become long term in my filing cabinet. This could be a bank statement or a letter containing important information.


In here are documents that must have a computer copy as well. This can be warranties, government documents etc.


Very self-explanatory, but I like to have a specific file to ensure that I am doing this task on a weekly basis and not let myself procrastinate which I often tend to do.


These are documents that are in use and have a purpose. For example a note I need to grab mid-week or a bill that is yet to be paid. On a weekly basis I ensure that all documents have been sighted and determine whether they need to be placed in another file for scanning etc or to be disposed of.

IMG_4576I hope this gives you inspiration when sorting your mail. If you have a great idea that our readers should know leave a comment below and I would love to hear from you. Bye for now!


Organising your Mail

Today I am going to show you how I organise my mail and ensure that everything is up to date, paid on time and never lost. Enjoy!

Link: https://cleanandorganised.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/how-to-organise-your-files-with-freedom-filer/

You love filing…Are you crazy???

I love filing! “Crazy?” you may ask. There was a time where I dreaded filing, wondering where to put the dreaded piece of paper that seemed to be sucked into a void of no return. It has taken some time but I finally have a system that I love that looks fabulous, is functional and easily maintained.

IMG_4576After some research online I purchased a filing kit called ‘Freedom Filer’ which has been a life saver in setting up my home office. Never having set up a filing cabinet before I loved the fact that the kit contains all the necessary tabs making it easy to decide what to use and how to collate my paperwork. To see my video on my finished product click here.

My husband and I have been using the filing cabinet that came with my desk set for a few years now and for a long time it wasn’t working. We weren’t able to place any tabs on the file holders as the cabinet had a drawer that would not close with them in place, hence the paper chaos and void. I was umming and ahhing trying to find a new cabinet that would fit into my budget when the genius solution came to me… Take the drawer out! Now the tabs can sit up to their hearts content and I love the visual effect of seeing the pops of colour when they catch my eye.

IMG_4577I decided to purchase black hanging file folders from office works which allowed me to keep the system uniform and make the tabs ‘pop’. When it comes to sorting the documents I like to read the tabs quickly and easily to make the process run smoother and less mundane. I purchased a set of 50 Crystaltabs from office works and I liked the brand as they opened from the side rather than the top stopping the paper from slipping out easily.

IMG_4573How do you do filing? Do you have any fabulous ideas that you wish to share? If so, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to like our Clean and Organised Facebook page. Until next time!

How to Organise your Files with Freedom Filer!

Today’s video is one of my favourites spaces in my house. It has made me love filing! I hope you enjoy!

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