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Today we are talking makeup organisation. If you saw my post last week on my bathroom cabinets you would notice that I don’t have a lot of room under the sink or in my drawers. To counter act this problem we purchased a small chrome trolley on wheels which we placed beside the sink allowing us to access our most used items frequently. For me this is my skin care, makeup/cosmetics and cotton balls etc. I love how it turned out!

IMG_8439On the top shelf to contain the items I purchased two small containers from Kmart and placed them side by side. In my container I keep my skin care items as well as my foundation. My husband keeps his shaving creams and deodorant. All the items on this top shelf are accessed daily and therefore in prime real estate space.

IMG_8466On the shelf below is my makeup. Rather than have these in a container that I have to sift through to find the item required, I placed these in clear containers purchased from Kmart. Being on a gradient I am able to locate my cosmetics quickly and easily in the morning saving me time and stress. Beside sits another clear container also purchased from Kmart which holds my mascara, eye liners and concealer.

IMG_8469Below are my three favourite containers. To jazz these up I purchased some pink wrapping paper and blue tac’d them to the bottom of the containers allowing a pop of colour to shine through. They always look so pretty against the white bathroom items of cotton balls, makeup pads and cotton buds. It was also extremely inexpensive to do!

IMG_8470Last but not least the bottom shelf contains out first aid kit. This is a place that is able to be accessed in a hurry and can be easily found by all due to the discerning label on the side. For information on what I keep inside my first aid kit see my video tour HERE.

IMG_8471How do you store your makeup/cosmetics? Is it on a stand like this or a medicine cabinet? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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