Decluttering my Closet

How to Organise your Bedside Table

Today I am showing you how I organised my bedside table and hopefully give you some inspiration as well.

Friday Favourites

1. A few weeks ago I took you through how I organise my filing cabinet and today I Heart Organizing shows off hers.


2. Norwex gives us some ideas on how to save our resources by going green


3. I’ve been organising my garage this week and so had Household Management 101. They give us printable to help keep our boxes organised.


Something to think about…

Saw this today on facebook and loved it!


The Place Of No Return…

IMG_8429Under the bathroom cabinet. That dark and deep void where mysterious bathroom items go in and never are to be seen again…. Well that used to be the case. It’s taken me a long time but I finally seem to have my bathroom cabinet under control and today I wish to show you how I organised my space and hopefully giving you some inspiration.

IMG_8426Traditionally this can be a dark space to work with and hard to access with the U bend making it difficult to store items. I went to the reject shop and purchased some clear containers that fit nicely in the space. In the top basket I placed my cleaning products specifically related only to the bathroom, I.e. Toilet Cleaner, disinfectant, cleaner for my tap ware and replacement soap for the dispenser, thus setting my limit on the items that I could place in the cupboard. On the shelf below I purchased a similar container and placed all my sanitary items.

IMG_8424When it came to the place with the U bend I purchased the same sort of containers but in a narrower version so it would fit nicely in the limited amount of space. They stack so nicely together maximising my vertical height. In the top basket I placed my nail care items. I keep the polish in my wardrobe (see video tour) but when it comes time to paint my nails I always ensure that I do this task in a well-ventilated area. This means I can grab the container, place my nail colour of choice inside and sit on the veranda and paint my nails. The container underneath stores my toilet fresh when I clean the toilet.

IMG_8432We have two bathroom drawers one each for my husband and myself. In mine I keep only items of necessity such as my bobby pins, hair ties, deodorant and a hair brush. These are items that I access on a daily basis and therefore best placed in the drawer rather than in the cupboard below. My husband’s drawer contains his backup up razors, deodorant and less frequently accessed items such as his cologne. The items he uses on a daily basis is stored in a different location which I will show you next week.


Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear how you store your bathroom items or any other questions you may have. Bye for now!

Bathroom Cabinet Organsiation- Video Tour

Welcome to this week’s Clean and Organised. Today I am showing you how to organsie your bathroom cabinet. Tradtionally this can be a tricky place to organise but hopefully these ideas will help you on your organsiational journey. Enjoy!


Friday Favourites

140801 Friday Favourites Feature

1. Graceful Order showed us the finished product on her girl’s bedrooms. Something to drool over

2. For the teachers out there A Slob Comes Clean gave us a guest post on classroom library organisation.

3. Ask Anna takes us back to school with post its. I didn’t even know you could buy some of those sizes!

4. Clean Mama tells us five ways to keep everyone’s clothes organised

Happy Reading everyone!


Desk Organisation Video Tour

Today I wish to show you how I organise and maintain my desk and its drawers. I love how my organisation setup helps keep it clutter free!

Why be organised?

The dreaded question. I have asked myself this many times before, especially when it is in my nature to be a procrastinator and have the “I’ll do it later approach” or is it my OCD personality? I think I came to the conclusion to be an organised person when I asked myself the question “is my clutter weighing me down and preventing me from the lifestyle that I wish to live?” As a Christian I wish to glorify God in every aspect of my life and when I have a messy cluttered home I cannot achieve this nor make the best choices for my lifestyle.

I have been a teacher for five years and part of my job is prediction. Predict what will happen if I child A picks up that and moves to there while child B is in the corner with that object and what will happen if Child C walks past and changes everything. I need to predict these things in order to have a smooth running classroom so that the children I teach get the best education possible. I make sure that I have an easy to implement routine and items found around the room are easily accessible and useful. These are second nature to teaching but I realised I need to apply this smooth and running calm into my everyday living.

Over the course of my blog I intend to take you through the day to day working of my household (with lots of pics) hopefully giving you inspiration or hints and tricks to get you through your day to day life. I don’t claim to be a professional organiser, just someone who is striving to remain ‘Clean and Organised’.

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