We are having a picnic today!

Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised where I show how I store my BBQ and picnic needs. This is an organisation set up that I really enjoy and is a pertinent example of how becoming organised can enhance your life and help you have the lifestyle that you wish to lead. I keep all my picnic needs in a clear plastic storage crate allowing me to see the contents easily. All these items are clean and ready for me to use allowing me to be spontaneous and maximising my time in the outdoors.


Here are my 5 easy essentials so that you can make your own picnic box:


A plastic plate and cup set is the ideal thing to place in your picnic box. Not only does it save money on purchasing paper plates it saves money too. After the event all I need to do is pop them in the dishwasher and back in the box ready to go for next time. If you notice I made sure that each plate, cup and bowl are all different colours making it easier for a person to identify which food item is theirs.



There is nothing worse than going on a picnic and having to eat with those plastic forks that snap or a knife that bends when you try to cut up your steak. I purchased a basic home cutlery starter kit from BigW and keep it separate to my main cutlery set. It is contained in a cylinder tube so it doesn’t roll around in the box. Another way to store this would be in a pencil case.


I cannot tell you the number of occasions that I have been present at an outdoor BBQ event and have needed a sharp knife to cut sausages apart or to cut some tomato or cheese. My one thing to remember though is to make sure you think about how it is stored within the box. I have a sheath protecting mine so when I stick my hand in the box I know for sure that I will not get injured.

IMG_82834. PAPER TOWEL              

This is one of the most useful items to take. Not only is it good for cleaning up mess but can be used as napkins and to give your dirty plates a wipe down before you take them home in the car.



I always keep a couple of plastic bags in my picnic box. I have often found myself in National Parks where there are no bins available. Having one spare means that I can just pop my rubbish in the bag and throw in the bin when I get home. I also keep one for dirty plates and cutlery so they don’t get the box or car dirty on the travel home.


I hope you have enjoyed my travel tips. What is a must bring for you on a picnic or a BBQ? I would appreciate it if you would share below. Until next time…


BBQ and Picnic Organisation

Today I am going to show you how I organise all my picnic and BBQ needs. I always keep these on hand so I can be spontaneous and go at a moments notice. I love organising!

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