Into the Lounge…

Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised where today I take you through my lounge room. In our home this is a place where we can retreat, relax and unwind.IMG_0964

As you can see we don’t have an overly large space. On the back wall contains our borrowed 3 seater couch which is really comfy. Once a month I make it my habit to wash all the cushions and give the whole couch a really good vacuum, to give an item that is used every day a refresher.







We only recently bought the TV cabinet, coffee table and sofa table. We were able to purchase them in a set along with some other items of furniture around the house. In our coffee table you can see that we store some of our DVD’s. On the left side I keep our TV series which is what we grab the most and on the right some of my husband and I ‘dual’ likes.


Under the TV cabinet, I store the DVD’s specific to me in baskets, keeping it neat and organised when I wish to find a movie. My poor husband only has a couple of movies that is specific to his tastes so we keep them in a drawer on the right.












Our sofa table has been a wonderful addition into our home and has become storage space for a lot of different useful items. On the bottom open shelf I placed baskets to contain my knitting projects as well as blankets for the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment. In the drawers above you can find our batteries, 3M hooks and different apron sets (I love collecting cute aprons) which I rotate.


Down in the corner beside the sofa sits a magazine holder which I got from the Reject shop. I put here my Better Homes and Gardens magazines as well as organising books which I love for a quick read. It’s lovely to sit in the rocking chair and have a precious ½ hour of free time!











Stay tuned for the next Clean and Organised room…

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