Linen Closet

Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised. Today we head to the laundry where we are going to check out my linen closet. This has been one of my favourite parts of the house to organise and it always brings me so much pleasure to see a neatly folded towel sitting beautifully on the shelf.



When you open my cupboard the first thing you will notice at eye level are the towels. I make a point to rotate the towels weekly left to right to ensure that they all receive equal amounts of wear and tear. I have a specific way of folding my towels to ensure that they have a nice neat folded side displayed. There was a time when I kept my handtowels and face washers stacked on top of each other. This became a pain to me as I was always finding piles tipped over or not stacking correctly. To counter act this problem, I purchased under shelf hanging baskets from Kmart to place them in. I have four in total (2 for hand towels and two for face washers) and these have become a brilliant solution to storing these items.



On the shelf below sits our bedroom linen. I have Queen Sheets for our master bed, with three in total. This means that one is in use while the other two sit on the shelf. I also have a specific way of folding these to ensure that the pillow cases, fitted sheet and top sheet are all combined in one wrap making them easier to contain and a neater fold. To save space I purchased a small shelf rack from Kmart which I have labelled with what type of sheets they are to help make them visitor and husband proof. We rotate these weekly with the set sitting on top of the rack the next to go on the bed. Sitting to the right of this is a Double Sheet set which has the same principles applied.



I love baskets as a way of setting limits and containing items. You can see in my linen press I have used baskets to hold a number of my linen needs all with labels to help me identify the contents quickly and easily. I have a basket which hold my bathmats, tablecloths, napkins & placemats and Christmas linen. All are used effectively and without difficulty.


On the bottom shelf I store gift bags and boxes as well as storing my laundry baskets on the right.


The top shelf holds a basket with extra quilt sheets, two old towels for spills or cleaning needs and emergency candles.



I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s post and that it inspires you to become ever more Clean and Organised.



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