What a load of Laundry!

Hi everyone and welcome to another week of Clean and Organised, today we are tackling the laundry. Laundry is one of those necessities in life that we can’t escape from. Other chores seem to have a beginning and end or at least in some cases not so frequent in nature. I actually enjoy laundry (weird I know), I enjoy it because I have turned my laundry into a space that is fresh and organised allowing me to enjoy the task at hand rather than dread it.


When I come into the room my eyes immediately turn to my blue patterned rug on the floor. This was a purchase from Kmart and I enjoy it because I am not focusing on the big task ahead of me but the aesthetics of blue on a white tile. On the wall I have framed two items which I purchased from the Organised Housewife, the Laundry Schedule and Poster. I try to follow the schedule by washing at least once a day to try and keep things manageable, but I am also a realist. I work as a relief teacher which means that I can be called in at a moment’s notice thus making it hard for me to complete the washing. When life gets in the way I don’t chastise myself, but pick up on the day I am able to start again and continue on. It has taken a few years but I seem to have developed a strong habit and I rarely get too far behind in washing.IMG_8183 IMG_8184

When it comes to washing the preparation can be just as important. When my husband and I first got married I was incredibly frustrated at washing day to sort piles of clothes only to miss that one red pair of underwear sitting at the bottom hiding under the white load I was doing next. To counteract this problem I went to BigW and purchased a basket rack so I could pre-sort all my clothes in the hamper. I labelled each shelf into Whites/Delicates, Darks and Coloured clothes and it has been a miracle in making washing quicker and easier to get started. On top sits my containers of Washing liquids, soakers and sprayers. I chose to have them sit up the top in a small basket so I didn’t have to squat down all the time to access the cupboard under the sink. This saves time and is a lot more efficient process.








In my laundry sink sits my soaking bucket. I only use this to pre-soak clothes with stains such as makeup and food etc. before throwing it straight into the machine. I try to keep this area clear of clutter helping to make the washing process go smoothly.


My washing machine is just a standard Simpson. I have gotten into the habit of cleaning my lint trap after every single wash and putting the rubbish in the bin BEFORE I hang the clothes outside on the line. We don’t have a dryer so I need to ensure that washing goes up straight away and does not become covered mildew necessitating to wash the entire load over again. I also do not shut the washing machine lid straight away, rather I let it dry out on the inside completely to ensure that mould does not grow under the seals of this wet environment. I maintain my washing machine by giving it a wipe down with a cloth once a week and monthly I complete an empty wash on the hottest setting filled with a 1 cup of vinegar to sterilise and clean.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. Please check out my video tour of my laundry giving a more indepth look at the systems in place. If you have not liked our Clean and Organised Facebook page please do so you are able to keep up to date with all our comings and goings. See you next time.


Laundry Video Tour


Welcome to another week of Clean and Organised. Today I am taking you on a video tour of my laundry and giving you helpful hints for you to be able to maintain and keep your laundry fresh and organised. Enjoy!

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