Clean and Organised- A Step by Step Guide to Organising the Closet

In this second video of my New Year’s organising series, I show you all the steps necessary to organise your closet. Great for people who are not sure where to start.

Walk in Robe Video Tour

Hi everyone I thought I’d do a video to go with today’s post.  I hope you enjoy!

My latest Project- Walk in Robe!

Hi everyone and welcome to another week of Clean and Organised. I am really excited to share with you this week as I have just completed a huge project… My walk in robe. In this post today I am going to share with you some before pics as well as the completed project which I think is pure bliss!








As you can see from the before pics my closet was  but needed something extra to take it to the next level of organisation. I started by considering my hanging space which was jammed packed with all my winter clothes. I live in North Queensland where we get a mild winter, but adding the coats and cardigans to my hanging space made it hard for me to move the clothes apart to remove any clothes to wear. To solve this problem I decided to rethink my design and utilise the top shelf where my suitcases were sitting.




I decided to remove all my coats, cardigans and jackets and place them in these sweater boxes which I got for a bargain at the Reject Shop for $8!!!! I had been looking around for a while and thought I would purchase some from USA for $25 each, but changed my mind as soon as I saw these. I affixed a label made out of some leftover cardboard and pink scotch tape making it clear what items were inside. Another great purchase from the Reject Shop was the pink folding step stool. (I love the spots!) This allows me to easily look in each box and grab the item I wish to wear for the day.


Next to sort was my shelving space, I started by labelling the shelves with pink scotch tape to give a pop of colour to the space as well as label what each shelf contains. I placed my nail polish on a cake stand just for a cute way of displaying all the pretty colours. Below are my shoes, which I love! I have placed them neatly on display all ready for me to choose when I am ready to go out.



On the other side of the wardrobe is my husband’s side. I sorted all his hanging space into sections of work shirts, dress pants, t-shirts and site clothes. On his shelf I labelled each unit with black scotch tape helping to identify his clothing. On the top shelf I was able to purchase a sock organiser from Bargain Point to contain his exercise and work socks.


Originally I had my belts in a bag which was stored on the floor in wardrobe and it was a mess! I found a matching over the door pocket that matched my sweater boxes and hung it on the inside of my door with 3M hooks. Now I am able to store all my belts and scarves easily and grab them ready to go.


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