Clean and Organised- A Step by Step Guide to Organising the Closet

In this second video of my New Year’s organising series, I show you all the steps necessary to organise your closet. Great for people who are not sure where to start.

Friday Favourites

140801 Friday Favourites FeatureWelcome to the first Friday Favourites of 2015. Without further adieu here we are…

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How do I even get started?


When it comes to organisation how often have we felt overwhelmed at the task that lays before us? Many a time in my life I have walked up to the closet or cupboard I need to organise and have felt so overwhelmed that I don’t even begin. It’s taken me a while to get a routine down pat, but I finally have a system in place to help me get started when everything seems too much to handle.

1. Empty the space

It’s amazing how easy a fresh perspective can be gained just by emptying a space and seeing the new potential that can be gained. I also then look at the space and try to view it as a natural container. For example you don’t want your spare room closet to become as full and as overwhelming as it did before so the items that need to return to cupboard need to be less and fit comfortably inside.

2. Clean the space

Take the opportunity while the space is empty to give everything a vacuum or a dust. Get rid of those lingering cobwebs and everything will feel fresh and clean ready for your final product.

3. Measure

If you are buying containers before going to the shop measure the space. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve found the perfect container and you have to return them again because they don’t fit. I would also encourage to look around your own home before buying anything new. You may have a container perfect for your needs and it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

4. Sort and Declutter

This is the hardest part of them all. Parting with possessions can be hard especially if you have developed an emotional attachment with them overtime. What I try and ask myself is ‘What is this clutter holding me back from?’ And ‘How is this clutter preventing me from living the lifestyle that I wish to lead?’ I once heard a statistic that we only using 30% of our possessions 70% of the time. For me this is a motivating factor to get rid of or donate items I no longer use and rid myself of the ‘weight’ clutter brings to your life. The funny part is that often you declutter an item and you never even miss it.

5. Find Homes

Once you have delcuttered your possessions it’s now time for the fun, finding homes! This can be a slow process and will continued to need to be tweaked overtime to ensure that it works for you. Don’t get discouraged and remember to step back at the end and be proud that you did it and that you’re on your way to an organised home!


Clean and Organised- A Step By Step Guide To Organising Your Pantry

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