Stopping the procratination and sending the Christmas Cards

Well this is it. The first year that I am sending out Christmas cards since I’ve been married. In the two years past I have had every intention on posting my Christmas greetings to my friends and family but somehow I never seemed to get it done. This year I said enough was enough and got myself organised by completing these three easy steps:


1. Purchase the Christmas Cards! In years past that has been the first stumbling block to my path of ultimate Christmas organisation. I would have every intention to send them out and never even get to the first hurdle. If buying your cards isn’t your thing maybe use some creativity and make your own, and if you are looking for a Christmas activity with your children, why not ask them to join in on the fun?

2. Addresses. I hate when addressing bulk mail looking up and down for the address of ‘Aunt Murial’ only to lose it and have to start again next year. Personally I like to scroll through a checklist of everyone I intend to send a Christmas card to and tick off the name once their mail is complete. I just made a simple Microsoft word document with a checklist of names, addresses and box of the year I sent to card. This means I can keep it in my Kikki-K planner ready for use in years to come.

3. The humble postage stamp. While price of stamps have gone up this year, I made sure to purchase Christmas stamps which are slightly cheaper than a regular mail stamp. This year Australia Post has them at 65c each, 5 cents cheaper than the regular ones. It may not seem like much difference, but after you have sent 50 or so you will be glad that you did.

Christmas cards can bring a lot of smiles to people this year and I know that your family and friends will appreciate being thought of. I hope this inspires you to send your own Christmas wishes this year.


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