What is lurking in my drawer???

While getting ready for the blog last week it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t done an organisational post on my bedside tables and when I opened the drawer and had a look I suddenly saw why. On my road to organisation there have been so many times that I have been blinkered and not seen the clutter lurking in a cupboard or a drawer that has not been opened in a while. When I looked on top of my nightstand all I saw was the fresh, clean and clear surface not really acknowledging what was lurking underneath in my drawers. I decided enough was enough and I bravely tackled the space.


The first thing I did was pull everything out of the drawers. This gave me a blank canvas and an opportunity to critically examine all the bits and pieces I was hiding in my drawer. After a major dust I was ready to sort. I don’t know if anyone else out there has a problem letting go of cards, but I certainly do. I counted 10 in total from the last two years. I decided that I would only allow myself to keep three thus requiring me to look through each card and work out which three meant the most to me. It was a tough job, but I narrowed it down and recycled the rest. I find the funny thing about de-cluttering is that you really don’t miss the items once they are gone. For me when I now look into my neat and organised drawer I feel much more content with that space rather than having 100 cards in there and feeling anxious every time I open it.


Now for the fun part. After culling cards and throwing out old moisturisers and things I did not need I was ready to create the perfect space. I went to the ‘Reject shop’ and purchased two steralite containers which I was able to put in the top drawer. In the first I placed my moisturisers and in the second; bookmarks and a cable that I need to charge my Fitbit. Beside the containers I placed the two novels that I am currently reading. In the drawer below I tried to keep things minimal by leaving my tissue box and my journal with my three special cards placed in it.

IMG_5399So there you have it. How I organised my drawer. You know the funny thing is it only took me 20mins to complete. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it!


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