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What is lurking in my drawer???

While getting ready for the blog last week it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t done an organisational post on my bedside tables and when I opened the drawer and had a look I suddenly saw why. On my road to organisation there have been so many times that I have been blinkered and not seen the clutter lurking in a cupboard or a drawer that has not been opened in a while. When I looked on top of my nightstand all I saw was the fresh, clean and clear surface not really acknowledging what was lurking underneath in my drawers. I decided enough was enough and I bravely tackled the space.


The first thing I did was pull everything out of the drawers. This gave me a blank canvas and an opportunity to critically examine all the bits and pieces I was hiding in my drawer. After a major dust I was ready to sort. I don’t know if anyone else out there has a problem letting go of cards, but I certainly do. I counted 10 in total from the last two years. I decided that I would only allow myself to keep three thus requiring me to look through each card and work out which three meant the most to me. It was a tough job, but I narrowed it down and recycled the rest. I find the funny thing about de-cluttering is that you really don’t miss the items once they are gone. For me when I now look into my neat and organised drawer I feel much more content with that space rather than having 100 cards in there and feeling anxious every time I open it.


Now for the fun part. After culling cards and throwing out old moisturisers and things I did not need I was ready to create the perfect space. I went to the ‘Reject shop’ and purchased two steralite containers which I was able to put in the top drawer. In the first I placed my moisturisers and in the second; bookmarks and a cable that I need to charge my Fitbit. Beside the containers I placed the two novels that I am currently reading. In the drawer below I tried to keep things minimal by leaving my tissue box and my journal with my three special cards placed in it.

IMG_5399So there you have it. How I organised my drawer. You know the funny thing is it only took me 20mins to complete. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it!


How to Organise your Bedside Table

Today I am showing you how I organised my bedside table and hopefully give you some inspiration as well.

Organising your Chest of Drawers

Today I’m showing you how I organise and fold the clothes in my chest of drawers keeping everything ‘Clean and Organised’.

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140801 Friday Favourites Feature

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Keeping the Tools Organised

Today we’re talking about the tool chest and how I utilise this space effectively in a small double bay garage. So here we have it, our Stanley tool chest. We purchased it at Supercheap Auto and love that it comes with adjustable shelving heights and the ability to change door container heights as well.


When it came to organising the space I had to keep in mind that this was primarily my husband’s zone and the way he likes his spaces organised is a lot different to how I like my spaces organised. I had some ground rules that I had to follow:

-Everything must be clearly visible

-No fancy labelling

– Everything must functionally make sense (ie. Don’t go overboard on making it visually appealing).

With this in mind we came up with the current layout. On the top shelf we keep his tools that are not accessed frequently such as saws and vices. They are sitting visibly on the shelf making the items easy to locate.


Below I used blue stackable containers to hold loose items such as chisels and measuring equipment and small red ones for screws and the like. I was able to find a draw system to place all his different grades of sandpaper. This makes things functional when time to use as all the different grades are pre-sorted and the drawers have a press down button lock so they don’t slide open accidently when moving the container.


On the third shelf sits the most used item in our house which is the tool bag. In it we keep everything we need to complete odd jobs around the house such as hammers, measuring tape, screwdrivers, spanners etc. Beside sits our painting equipment such as our primer, undercoats or varnish. I found an empty food can and recycled it to store our paintbrushes when not in use.

The heaviest equipment sits on the bottom shelf and they are all my husband’s power tools. They sit neatly on the bottom shelf easy to find and ready to go when needed.

How do you store the tools around the house? Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to like our Facebook page or watch my Video Tour of How to Organise the Tool Chest.


How to Organise the Tool Chest

Today I’m showing you how I organiseour tool chest and maximise the limited space we have available.

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