How to keep your Garage Shelving organised.

Garages. Those small crowded spaces which are so hard to organise. For many months we were struggling to find items and ended up throwing things onto already cramped shelving hoping we could locate them next time. Enough was enough, so here we are…


To fix this problem I purchased two garage shelving units which you can get from most hardware stores. What we did, was paint the shelves with a coat of undercoat to prevent them from getting water damaged from any leaks or not so sealed points in the garage. This was a very simple process and will extend the life of our shelves.

IMG_5167On the top shelf I keep my tarp and rope so whether it’s cyclone season or hauling something in the car we are able to locate and put it to use easily. On the second shelf I repurposed containers from the reject shop that I had during my full time teaching days. In them I placed my electrical boards, packing tape and hose tap accessories. As these were some of my most frequently used items I placed them at eye height and on the shelf closest to the door. On the lowest shelf sits our leftover softdrink and a boules set. Each of the shelving units are labelled with yellow label tape as it allows the shelves to stand out in a dark space.

IMG_5168On the side of the shelving unit I came up with a clever way to store our electrical cords. I found a command hook that I can lift in or out. No more fallen power cords for me!


On the second unit sits most of our gardening accessories. Again I repurposed containers keeping things contained but also making the shelves look bright and colourful. In the first container I keep garden sprays such as weed killer. In the second are gardening tools to help keep my garden accessories contained. Finally the last container stores our garden gloves. I love that no longer do I have to search everywhere for a matching pair.

ThumbnailOn the next shelf down is equipment for the mower such as our diesel and petrol jerry cans as well as 4 and 2 stroke oil. Below we store our car washing equipment ready for use.

IMG_5173Do you have any thoughts, questions or comments? Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Until next time!


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