What should I do with my Mail???

Today it’s all about my mailing centre. This has been a brilliant addition to the smooth running of our household and great compliment to our filing system which I showed you last week. Here it is!


I love how it sits on my desk unobtrusively and ties in with my décor by placing in the orange tabs. I purchased the on desk organiser from office works and changed over the hanging files from the multi-coloured pack to plain black ones. This was purely a cosmetic move to make everything feel uniform and help the tabs stand out more easily.

IMG_4574When deciding on which categories I would need I had to keep in mind was that my goal was to empty the entire centre weekly on a Sunday afternoon. I decided on a maximum of 5 tabs and try to keep the categories as broad as possible to create flexibility when filing the paperwork. I decided to pick: Receipts, File, Scan, Shred and Action.


Here I place in my weekly purchase receipts whether it be a grocery bill or a new pair of shoes. At the end of the week I determine if it is necessary to keep long term for warranty purposes or to dispose of on Sunday.


Here I try to store documents I generally know are going to become long term in my filing cabinet. This could be a bank statement or a letter containing important information.


In here are documents that must have a computer copy as well. This can be warranties, government documents etc.


Very self-explanatory, but I like to have a specific file to ensure that I am doing this task on a weekly basis and not let myself procrastinate which I often tend to do.


These are documents that are in use and have a purpose. For example a note I need to grab mid-week or a bill that is yet to be paid. On a weekly basis I ensure that all documents have been sighted and determine whether they need to be placed in another file for scanning etc or to be disposed of.

IMG_4576I hope this gives you inspiration when sorting your mail. If you have a great idea that our readers should know leave a comment below and I would love to hear from you. Bye for now!


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