Planner Love!

Planners! I love them. For me they are a way of remaining focused and keeping me grounded when life gets overwhelming. Let’s face, it always seems to. This is the first year that I have used a planner for my day to day life and it really seems to work for me.

IMG_4231I purchased the 2014 Kikki-K planner in mint green and I love the quality. On the inside cover you can see that I utilise the storage pockets with items that I frequently access. I always keep sticky notes and tab divides on hand ready for me to flag or jot down something important as it comes up. Also on the cover rests my vouchers or discounts. I always have them here as they are a central place where I know that they won’t get lost. Before I place them in the cover I will note the date of expiry and write it into the page of my diary enabling me to have a ‘heads up’ so they don’t go to waste.

IMG_4233The main part of my diary is my weekly view which helps keep my on track with my day to life. This is only filled with personal projects and tasks to complete. I keep the planner open on my desk a majority of the time. On a Sunday afternoon, I will sit down with my husband and compare schedules and work out what tasks need to be completed throughout the week. On the right hand side of the page is a master list I purchased from Alejandra TV in her Power Productivity Program. It is a place where I can keep track of all my long term projects that I highlight in orange when completed. This is a long term list which I try to complete on a monthly basis.

IMG_4232Daily I write my tasks in bullet points and highlight in green once they are completed. I also make note of any upcoming events that will take place and what is needed to make them a success. I keep my daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual chores/tasks on my wall in photo frames where I can be visually reminded on a daily basis. The lists I again purchased from Alejandra TV. This allows me to focus on the tasks that are essential to make the day run smooth or to keep things running on time.

How do you organise you diary/planner? Leave a comment below and I would love to hear from you!


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