Say no to paper piles! -A post on desk organsiation

IMG_8301I love my desk! Being a blogger I spend a significant part of my week sitting at this piece of furniture straining my brain to think of new ideas for my readers. It is also a space that I like to keep clear and clutter free helping me to maximise my productivity especially since it is a furniture item visible to all in main living area of the house.

Let me first show you my stationary cart.


At first I had my pens and stationary items in tins sitting across the back of my desk, but I was finding this really hard to reach so I decided to purchase a lazy Susan from Kmart to try and help keep these items centrally located and contained. An important part of any organisation setup is to label. I affixed a label under each of the containers showing where each item lives. Not only does this help me locate an item quickly and effectively it helps my husband find what he is looking for and more importantly where to put it back.

I have three drawers in my desk each of them being very shallow. When placing items in each of these I made sure that my most frequently used items were contained in the closet drawer to me sitting down. I’ve placed in here my sticky notes, label maker (I love this item!), label tape and decorative scotch tape for labelling also. I use these items on a daily basis requiring their central location.


The middle drawer has my letter and card stationary. I get great enjoyment in writing cards and letters to people and therefore like this to be easily accessible. I don’t however keep stamps in here (strange I know). I keep them in my purse so that I can quickly affix one as soon as the need arises. It is a system that has worked well for me.

IMG_8304My third drawer is what I think of as my action drawer. It contains documents or items that need processing or require some kind of action. It also has my laptop cleaner and a hardrive.

IMG_8305My diary gets stored away at the end of the day on the shelf just above my filing drawer. During the day he lies open at the week in hand providing me with a visual cue in what I need to complete during the day.

IMG_8308I think the important thing to remember with desk organisation is that it doesn’t happen overnight. When tackling this space first think about decluttering any stationary items that no longer work i.e. pens, pencil and staplers. Think about how you can contain these items and where they should be located for the easiest access and also try to limit paper piles by sorting them on a daily or a weekly basis.

I hope that you have enjoyed Clean and Organised this week, leave a comment below as I would love to hear how readers organise their desk area. Until next time…

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