How I Organise My Cosmetics

Today I am sharing my practical organisation of my makeup in my ensuite.I love how all my items are accessible and the space is easily maintained.


Friday Favourites

140801 Friday Favourites FeatureWell Friday is here once again. I love to bring you my favourite posts of the week. I hope you enjoy!

1. I Heart Organanizing shows us how to make DIY paper box drawer organisers to brighten our drawers

 2. What is the BEST organizing advice you’ve ever gotten? Organizing Made Fun has got a ton of great advice

 3. Darling Doodles shows us how to welcome our guests with a gift basket.

4.  A Bowl Full of Lemons provides us with some tips to planning a debt free Christmas.

5. Graceful Order shows us how she updated her dining room. 



The Place Of No Return…

IMG_8429Under the bathroom cabinet. That dark and deep void where mysterious bathroom items go in and never are to be seen again…. Well that used to be the case. It’s taken me a long time but I finally seem to have my bathroom cabinet under control and today I wish to show you how I organised my space and hopefully giving you some inspiration.

IMG_8426Traditionally this can be a dark space to work with and hard to access with the U bend making it difficult to store items. I went to the reject shop and purchased some clear containers that fit nicely in the space. In the top basket I placed my cleaning products specifically related only to the bathroom, I.e. Toilet Cleaner, disinfectant, cleaner for my tap ware and replacement soap for the dispenser, thus setting my limit on the items that I could place in the cupboard. On the shelf below I purchased a similar container and placed all my sanitary items.

IMG_8424When it came to the place with the U bend I purchased the same sort of containers but in a narrower version so it would fit nicely in the limited amount of space. They stack so nicely together maximising my vertical height. In the top basket I placed my nail care items. I keep the polish in my wardrobe (see video tour) but when it comes time to paint my nails I always ensure that I do this task in a well-ventilated area. This means I can grab the container, place my nail colour of choice inside and sit on the veranda and paint my nails. The container underneath stores my toilet fresh when I clean the toilet.

IMG_8432We have two bathroom drawers one each for my husband and myself. In mine I keep only items of necessity such as my bobby pins, hair ties, deodorant and a hair brush. These are items that I access on a daily basis and therefore best placed in the drawer rather than in the cupboard below. My husband’s drawer contains his backup up razors, deodorant and less frequently accessed items such as his cologne. The items he uses on a daily basis is stored in a different location which I will show you next week.


Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear how you store your bathroom items or any other questions you may have. Bye for now!

Bathroom Cabinet Organsiation- Video Tour

Welcome to this week’s Clean and Organised. Today I am showing you how to organsie your bathroom cabinet. Tradtionally this can be a tricky place to organise but hopefully these ideas will help you on your organsiational journey. Enjoy!


Friday Favourites

140801 Friday Favourites Feature

1. Graceful Order showed us the finished product on her girl’s bedrooms. Something to drool over

2. For the teachers out there A Slob Comes Clean gave us a guest post on classroom library organisation.

3. Ask Anna takes us back to school with post its. I didn’t even know you could buy some of those sizes!

4. Clean Mama tells us five ways to keep everyone’s clothes organised

Happy Reading everyone!


Confessions of an overpacker!

“How much stuff are you taking???” For many years when it came to organising I held a deep dark secret. I was an over packer. Frequently there would be weekends away or holidays which required more than one bag for clothes and another bag just for my shoe choices. It was only until one weekend away in which I saw that for two nights I had packed so much it didn’t fit in the boot and had to be placed on the backseat that I decided that I needed to make a change. This change came in the form of a genius invention called packing cells! I saw these as a great organisational tool to help me to set limits, create containers and soothe my need for organisation in all aspects of life.


I purchased these from Katmandu when they were on sale and they come in three sizes Large, Medium and Small. I love the fact that when I went away last weekend I picked a small suitcase that would amply suit my needs and set myself a packing limit and container of two medium bags and a small.

IMG_8332The great news is that after packing I found that I had room to spare! I rolled my t-shirts and shorts rather than folding creating more space and allowing everything to be placed in a neat home in my suitcase. It even surprised me that though I had limited my clothing choices I was not lacking in clothing options or wishing I had packed something different instead.

Because I had maximised space in the main suitcase compartment I was even able to place shoes in the zipper compartment up above. I always keep my shoes in plastic bags when travelling to prevent dirt from falling onto your clean clothes. Another tip is to grab the complimentary shower cap at hotels to place on the bottom of your shoes to prevent the spreading of dirt as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s Clean and Organised. Please leave a comment below with any questions or tell me what your favourite travel organisation tip is? Bye for now


Organising your luggage with packing cells- Video tour

Check out my organisation for a small trip away using packing cells. A must watch for anyone who struggles with packing their suitcase.

Katmandu packing cells:

Friday Favourites

140801 Friday Favourites FeatureHi everyone check out this weeks Friday Favourites. I found it so hard to narrow it down as there were a lot of good choices out there, but here we are…

1. Graceful Order shows us how she organises her cookbooks.

2. Clean Mama gives us three tips to make the laundry process easier.

3. Better Homes and Garden helps us sleep well knowing our pillows are fresh and clean.

4. Organizing with Less helps us to sort out our refrigerator.

5. Organisedlifestyle shows us the personal inserts in her planner and how she created them.

I have loved each of these posts. Enjoy!




Say no to paper piles! -A post on desk organsiation

IMG_8301I love my desk! Being a blogger I spend a significant part of my week sitting at this piece of furniture straining my brain to think of new ideas for my readers. It is also a space that I like to keep clear and clutter free helping me to maximise my productivity especially since it is a furniture item visible to all in main living area of the house.

Let me first show you my stationary cart.


At first I had my pens and stationary items in tins sitting across the back of my desk, but I was finding this really hard to reach so I decided to purchase a lazy Susan from Kmart to try and help keep these items centrally located and contained. An important part of any organisation setup is to label. I affixed a label under each of the containers showing where each item lives. Not only does this help me locate an item quickly and effectively it helps my husband find what he is looking for and more importantly where to put it back.

I have three drawers in my desk each of them being very shallow. When placing items in each of these I made sure that my most frequently used items were contained in the closet drawer to me sitting down. I’ve placed in here my sticky notes, label maker (I love this item!), label tape and decorative scotch tape for labelling also. I use these items on a daily basis requiring their central location.


The middle drawer has my letter and card stationary. I get great enjoyment in writing cards and letters to people and therefore like this to be easily accessible. I don’t however keep stamps in here (strange I know). I keep them in my purse so that I can quickly affix one as soon as the need arises. It is a system that has worked well for me.

IMG_8304My third drawer is what I think of as my action drawer. It contains documents or items that need processing or require some kind of action. It also has my laptop cleaner and a hardrive.

IMG_8305My diary gets stored away at the end of the day on the shelf just above my filing drawer. During the day he lies open at the week in hand providing me with a visual cue in what I need to complete during the day.

IMG_8308I think the important thing to remember with desk organisation is that it doesn’t happen overnight. When tackling this space first think about decluttering any stationary items that no longer work i.e. pens, pencil and staplers. Think about how you can contain these items and where they should be located for the easiest access and also try to limit paper piles by sorting them on a daily or a weekly basis.

I hope that you have enjoyed Clean and Organised this week, leave a comment below as I would love to hear how readers organise their desk area. Until next time…

Desk Organisation Video Tour

Today I wish to show you how I organise and maintain my desk and its drawers. I love how my organisation setup helps keep it clutter free!

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