What’s for dinner? – Fridge and meal planning organisation…

Welcome to my final instalment of my kitchen series. Today I am going to walk you through my refrigerator and meal planning.


When you open my fridge you can see that I don’t have an overflowing of food. As a family of two we find that we do not need to cook a full meal daily and often have leftovers. In order to help us become good stewards careful planning of meals became necessary. On my top shelf I have items like my margarine or the occasional bottle that won’t fit on the door. This also leaves a space for leftover meals for the following night.


On the shelves below you will see two fridge containers which I purchased from Big W. They contain sandwich items such as meat or salad, and waterbottles. As couple who likes to save money by taking a packed lunch to work every day we find it an easy solution to pull out a single container rather than spending time finding individual items. Having the waterbottles contained has saved my fridge from a lot of spills over the whole fridge. The few times when we haven’t screwed on the lid tight enough, all the water has done is pool in the container which is an easy fix.


On the shelves you will see my containers of pre-chopped veggies. I love eating vegetables but hate the chore of chopping them up. When we first got married I found that I wasted a lot of vegetables because I could not be bothered to take the time and chop them before cooking a meal. To counteract this solution for the last six months I have made myself straight away upon coming home with the groceries to chop all my vegetables and place into my containers. This means that I always have veggies ready to go and can quickly add them straight into my cooking or zap them in the microwave to serve as a side dish. I know that our waistlines have been most pleased by this revelation.

Personally I like the outside of my fridge to remain clutter free. A few years ago I was one of those people that had magnets with takeout menus from my local area all over the outside. When we moved to our current place it was a chance for my husband and I to start afresh and make better choices with our meal planning. This means that we no longer have the temptation at ‘zero’ hour to pick up a menu and order food, but rather stick to the meal planned or find an alternative in the cupboard. Not only is this the healthier option but saves us a lot of money too.


I was searching for a solution to help us meal plan for a long time until I came across the amazing blog The Organised Housewife. In her shop she had a printable solution in a range of colours of a meal planning template which I put in a photo frame and use a whiteboard marker to plan our meals for the week. Sunday mornings at breakfast we sit together and plan our meals for the week and write on our shopping list anything that we might need. We have be using this solution for the past six months and have had a lot of success.


Next week we are leaving the kitchen and heading to our lounge room where I’ll show you how I remain ‘Clean and Organised’.

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