Pantry Organisation

This week on Clean and Organised it’s all about the food as we take a look at the pantry. When we moved into our current house we discovered that we did not have a lot of deep cupboard space. This forced us to use the built in pantry as a way of storing most of our kitchen items. Thus making it necessary to purchase a narrow portable pantry which sits just inside our kitchen. When starting the organisation process I realised that I had to utilise every space possible, so I decided to save storage space by placing all my dry goods in labelled containers.


When it comes to containers I realise that I cannot work on an expensive budget and I knew straight away that I could not fill my pantry with Tupperware or some of the beautiful solutions from Howard’s Storage World. Instead I chose the Sistema range from Big W. They fit within my price range and I was able to stack them neatly in the pantry storing food with ease. I also purchased some wire racks from Kmart for my cans and tea and coffee storage. This allows me some extra space and helps me locate what I need for cooking with ease.


On the shelves below I have miscellaneous items stored in a white basket I purchased from woollies. It contains cooking sprays, salt, pepper and the odd packet of baking item that didn’t fit in the storage containers. The basket keeps them contained and not spread out all over the shelf. My bottom shelf contains big items such as my cereal and juice bottles not yet for the fridge. You can also see on the right my cupcake decorating kit.


On the outside of the pantry I’ve attached a calendar (yes I’m a Michael Buble fan) and a shopping list. This I received as a printable from Jess from her amazing blog Forever Organised which is well worth a visit. The shopping list has been a great way for my husband to keep organised and we are finding that no longer forget items at the shops.


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