Welcome to this week’s ‘Clean and Organised’….

Let’s first take a look under my kitchen sink. I try not to keep a lot under here for fear of this section becoming too overwhelming. On the bottom left shelf you can see where I keep my toaster. It lives in a plastic tray which I can regularly rinse/wipe out when the inevitable crumbs become a problem. Above it I keep my kettle. My husband and I rarely drink tea or coffee so we keep it under the sink so we can grab it easily when we have guests. It helps the benches to remain clear and gives us more room for food preparation when we put it away after its use. Under the sink I keep a few cleaning items: dishwashing liquid and paper towel, with a 3m hook holding our plastic bags.


Our main storage space in our kitchen is the built in pantry. The kitchen we have is poorly designed in terms of storage room for our kitchen items so to counteract this we purchased a portable pantry thus allowing us to keep our food in a separate area.


As you can see on the top shelf I store our cooking pots that aren’t used very often. These are still able to be accessed but remain hidden out of sight until needed. On the second shelf lies our chopping boards and baking trays. I purchased a rack from Kmart and used it as a neat and compact way of storing all my boards and trays. I can see what I need at a glance and I’m not trying to search for what I need in a huge stack, it also allows for better aeration and drying after use. Also on this shelf you are able to see my ‘casserole’ bowls and trays. I only have a couple each of the size I require. I try to live with not having ‘it could be useful one day items’ as I find that this just adds to clutter in my cupboards that I don’t need. On the right you can see my spices are contained neatly in racks ensuring that I know exactly the amount much of each spice and can access it quickly and easily during the cooking process.


On the shelves below you can see how I store my Tupperware containers. Traditionally your Tupperware drawer/cupboard can be the ‘nightmare’ spot in your kitchen. Early this year my husband and I did a clean out and decided to purchase key pieces from the Sistema range that would work in our kitchen and pantry. I keep any containers not in use in the baskets I purchased from Woolworths to keep them neat and orderly. There is also a basket that contains all my measuring equipment for baking as well as my electronic beaters. I love that when I open the cupboard it’s not an eyesore and I am a great believer in ensuring that all items in my house have a ‘home’ where they belong.



We have a few cupboards beside the oven. These are very thin and narrow and therefore contain only the items relating directly to the cooking process. On the left we have saucepans and on the right we have muffin trays and cooling racks. Above the stove contains glassware, with an awkward shaped cupboard holding our crockery.


I hope you have enjoyed my cupboards tour. Next week I will introduce my pantry and kitchen. Hoping you stay ‘Clean and Organised’.


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