Why be organised?

The dreaded question. I have asked myself this many times before, especially when it is in my nature to be a procrastinator and have the “I’ll do it later approach” or is it my OCD personality? I think I came to the conclusion to be an organised person when I asked myself the question “is my clutter weighing me down and preventing me from the lifestyle that I wish to live?” As a Christian I wish to glorify God in every aspect of my life and when I have a messy cluttered home I cannot achieve this nor make the best choices for my lifestyle.

I have been a teacher for five years and part of my job is prediction. Predict what will happen if I child A picks up that and moves to there while child B is in the corner with that object and what will happen if Child C walks past and changes everything. I need to predict these things in order to have a smooth running classroom so that the children I teach get the best education possible. I make sure that I have an easy to implement routine and items found around the room are easily accessible and useful. These are second nature to teaching but I realised I need to apply this smooth and running calm into my everyday living.

Over the course of my blog I intend to take you through the day to day working of my household (with lots of pics) hopefully giving you inspiration or hints and tricks to get you through your day to day life. I don’t claim to be a professional organiser, just someone who is striving to remain ‘Clean and Organised’.

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